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I am delighted and impressed with their trustworthy network services. The security and reliable services they offer are unmatched.
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How did we start?

Most of the operations of businesses and online services conduct online. At the 1GBPS Server, the requirements of businesses are becoming increasingly complex, and it is challenging to address their situation with a single solution or skill. Therefore, to cater to the numerous needs of all the online platforms, we came up with an extensive collection of services in an indispensable platform- Expo Viajes.

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A trusted growth partner to millions of websites

In the era driven by technology, we deliver the best hosting services with the widest options. The importance of a hosting service provider matters more when your business is dependent on the web. We understand your technical requirements to establish your online presence and are committed to delivering expertise to you.

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We have everything in our store that you need to progress and expand. Our experienced administrators and IT experts are empowered and dedicated to simplifying your life so that you can focus on what you love.

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Serving you is our full-time job. We have designed our extensive portfolio, hosting services, and customer experience to power your business, start-up, website, blog, and whatnot! We deliver value and expertise to organizations every day 24*7.

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What do we offer?

We understand that the consequences and cost of downtime can cripple your business. However, we offer 99.99% uptime with redundancy strategies to ensure that your website is always up and running. Increase your website’s performance with ultimate hosting solutions.

Increase customer retention and derive potential on your website with an engaging interface. Maximize responsiveness, accessibility of the site, and efficiency with an interactive and convenient control panel.

Increase profitability and business with reliable and quick services. Deliver quality services to your customers with enhanced performance and security.

Get top-notch security that vets your server with upgraded security features regularly to secure your files, details, and privacy. Back up your website data regularly to prevent loss of data.

Get scalability, expertise, and financial strength to get the best experience. We deliver server administration, network management, support and proactive security, updates, proactive service restoration, and monitoring all-round the clock.